Braveheart award for Becky

Becky Bell
Becky Bell

BECKY Bell will go on stage in front of hundreds of people after she was chosen to be honoured for her immense bravery in her battle against cancer.

Seven-year old Becky and her proud family had only been back from their trip to Disneyland Paris for one day when they found out the Rift House Primary School pupil had been chosen to receive a Braveheart award.

The awards, which take place every year, are handed out to youngsters who have shown tremendous courage in the face of adversity.

The adorable youngster was chosen as she continues to show incredible courage in her fight against brain cancer.

Her loving parents, Julie, 40 and Mark, 36, were over the moon and to cap off a truly special family evening, the event is taking place on the same night as the couple’s 14th wedding anniversary.

Julie, 40, said Becky was absolutely delighted when she found out and is already asking whether she can wear her favourite princess dress and pink wig for the plush ceremony.

“It was fantastic to find out Becky had been chosen for a Braveheart award,” said Julie, also mum to Vicki, 23, and Mark, 11.

“We had just had the most brilliant time in Disneyland so to come home and find that out was unbelievable.

“Becky has been so brave in the last few months, we are so proud of her.”

The awards evening will take place at St James’s Park, in Newcastle, on Tuesday, November 8.

Julie added: “We are all really looking forward to it now.

“It’s great the night just happens to be mine and Mark’s wedding anniversary so it will be one special night for the family.”

Meanwhile, Becky was making the trip to Newcastle today for an MRI scan ahead of the start of her second course of treatment.

The routine scan isn’t expected to show much, but it may be clear to see if the tumour on Becky’s brain is shrinking.

The youngster will start a six-month course of gruelling treatment on Saturday.

Julie added: “The doctors are really pleased with how Becky is coming on, and said she is better than they expected at this stage.

“They don’t expect the scan to show anything drastic, but obviously if it does than that will be a huge bonus.

“We were talking to the doctor about the treatment which is starting on Saturday and it isn’t going to be as tough as we originally thought, but it is still double the dosage from her first six-week course of treatment.”

Becky’s dream trip to Disneyland came about after a mammoth fundraising drive in and around Hartlepool, with more than £19,000 raked in by people across the town.