Brazil is the place to be

Dan Robinson picture from his time in Brazil
Dan Robinson picture from his time in Brazil

ENGLAND fans in Brazil for the World Cup can expect a party atmosphere according to a Hartlepool businessman who lived there for eight months.

One person who knows what first time travellers can expect is Dan Robinson, head of Gus Robinson Developments.

He made the South American country his home last year as he trained in Brazilian ju jitsu.

Dan, 37, says football supporters who have travelled to the country for the World Cup are in for a great time and will be welcomed by the friendly locals.

He lived on the picturesque island of Florianopolis as he attended a training camp with a master of Brazilian ju jitsu.

It was while he prepared to compete in the world championships in Abu Dhabi.

He also met his current girlfriend there.

Dan said: “It is an amazing country. I had a bunch of friends and created a new life for eight months.

“The people are wonderful, extremely friendly. They are really positive about life, and have great beaches, weather and fantastic food.

“It is just a good fun place to be.”

Dan says there is a big gap between the country’s rich and poor and has led to recent protests over alleged Government corruption.

But he said England fans there to cheer on the team should have nothing to fear.

“They will have a brilliant time,” he said. “As long as they are sensible.

“The people just embrace you as brothers and sisters and there is a real party atmosphere down there.

“It is not an aggressive place to be at all but you have got to be careful.

“Overall, it is just a wonderful country.”