BREAKING NEWS: Former soldier guilty of torture

A FORMER soldier has been found guilty of taking part in the kidnap and torture of two brothers.

The victims were both struck and whipped with a rope or belt during a terrifying nine-hour ordeal, while one was also hit with a silver hammer.

Billingham man Anthony Malone, 40, was found guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court, east London, of two counts of kidnap, two counts of false imprisonment and two counts of actual bodily harm against victims Mohammed and Haq Narwaz.

He was convicted following his extradition from Afghanistan where he fled following the offence - the first extradition from Afghanistan to the UK.

Fellow attacker Ranjit Gojra, 40, was also convicted of two counts of actual bodily harm against the same victims.

Acting Detective Inspector Perry Benton, the investigating officer, described it as a “horrific and prolonged attack” that has had a devastating effect on the two victims as well as their families.

The court heard a dispute arose over a property deal in 2004 and the men were attacked after a meeting had been arranged.

Malone used handcuffs to secure the victims’ hands and legs, sacks were placed their heads and they were punched and slapped.

Former paratrooper Malone then poured alcohol over Mohammed Narwaz’s head and a lit blowtorch was held within millimetres of his right eye.

A silver hammer was used next to hit Mohammed on his legs before he was kicked and stamped on.

Malone then dragged Mohammed into the washroom and forced his head down the toilet before he was attacked with a rope until he passed out.

After further attacks the men were bundled into a van, driven around London for five hours and dumped in the street.

Sanjeev Dhir, 37, was found not guilty of two counts of ABH, two counts of false imprisonment and two counts of kidnap.

Gregory Little, 33, who acted mainly as a driver, was previously found guilty of kidnapping in 2009 and jailed for four years.

Gojra will be sentenced today and Malone on April 3.