BREAKING NEWS: Town jobless figures down

THERE were 44 less people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in Hartlepool last month, new Government figures have revealed.

There were 4,627 people claiming the benefit in March, down from the 4,671 claimants the previous month.

Despite the drop in claimants, figures show that 435 more people are claiming the out-of-work benefit since the same time last year.

The figures also highlight that eight per cent of people in the town claimant the benefit, which is well above the regional average of 5.5 per cent and double the national average of four per cent.

Easington and Stockton North also saw a drop in claimants last month.

But 23 more people are out of work in Sedgefield than they were in March.

Easington had 3,272 claimants last month, 14 down on the previous month.

It means 6.2 per cent of residents there are claimants, above the regional and national average.

There were 4,201 claimants in Stockton North, which includes Billingham, Wolvison and parts of Wynyard, 41 less than in March.

Despite the drop, seven per cent of people are still claiming the benefit in the constituency, above the regional and national average.

Sedgefield recorded 2,527 job seeker allowance claimants in April, which is 23 more than the previous month and means 4.8 per cent of people are out of work.