Breaking News: Town rejects Mayoral system

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HARTLEPOOL residents have voted to scrap the position of directly-elected mayor after ten years in favour of a committee system.

Civic chiefs have announced that 7,366 of people that voted in the mayoral referendum wanted a committee system at Hartlepool Borough Council.

The referendum asked voters whether they wanted to keep the current system of an elected mayor and cabinet or opt for a system of committees made up of elected councillors.

But just 5,177 were in favour of retaining the directly-elected mayor.

Turnout was a dismal 18 per cent.

Because the majority voted in favour of the committee system, the mayor and cabinet will be replaced by the committee system from May.

Polling stations were open across town on Thursday between 7am and 10pm with the result announced at the Mill House Leisure Centre, in Raby Road, in the early hours of this morning.

The referendum was held on the same day as the Cleveland Police Crime Commissioner election and that result is expected later afternoon on Friday.

Mayor Stuart Drummond, who became the town’s first elected mayor in May 2002, has previously welcomed the chance for people to have their say.

Updates to follow. See Friday’s Mail for full coverage from the Mayoral Referendum.