Bride of the Year competition is ‘a fantastic opportunity’

Liam, Noah and Elizabeth Turnbull
Liam, Noah and Elizabeth Turnbull

ELIZABETH Richardson is still reflecting on the biggest day of her life – when she tied the knot at her dream wedding.

And in a message to other fiancees, she said: “Put yourself forward for the 2012 Bride of the Year competition. It is a fantastic opportunity”.

Elizabeth, then Richardson, took the Bride of the Year crown last year and married her fiance Liam Turnbull in a £10,000 wedding at the Grand Hotel in Swainson Street, Hartlepool.

The 23-year-old remembered: “It was a brilliant day. The whole competition was fantastic.

“If anyone is holding back from entering the competition because they think the wedding won’t have personal touches, they could not be more wrong.

“It is a brilliant competition and everyone goes out of their way to help you.

“We loved it and I would urge other people to put themselves in for it this year.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is continuing to suffer from health problems.

We told late last year how she was left with crippling pain in her left leg and spent a weekend in hospital while doctors assessed her condition.

At the same time, her 14-month-old son Noah developed an infection and then a virus which became so painful, he needed morphine.

Now, Elizabeth is days away from an appointment with a haematologist in Newcastle after being told her health problems were being caused by a protein deficiency.

She has been told that she is likely to need anti-coagulant drugs.

To enter this year’s Bride of the Year competition, run by the Hartlepool Mail in conjunction with Robert Usher Photography, send the Mail a letter or an email explaining who you are and why you deserve to win.

Tell us your story and include as much detail as you can about yourself and your partner, how you met and why you should be chosen.

Tell us why you deserve the bumper wedding day package of your dreams.

Send all your entries to: Chris Cordner, Hartlepool Mail, New Clarence House, Wesley Square, Hartlepool, TS24 8BX, or email Chris Cordner

Please include contact address and telephone numbers. Normal competition rules apply. For more details see Page 8 of the Hartlepool Mail.