Bridging the generation gap

RESIDENTS helped to bridge the generation gap with a trip to a war museum.

Members of the Dene House and Chapel Hill Residents’ Association, in Peterlee, have been improving links between young and old thanks to a £2,000 grant from County Durham charity Grassroots.

The money was spent on sending residents to Eden Camp modern history museum, Beamish open air museum, a Christmas dinner for senior citizens and a laptop and printer for the association.

Association chairman Frances Cunningham said: “The grant was given to bring senior citizens and children together to improve integration for our residents.

“The attitude between the two ages groups changed completely during our trip to Eden Camp.

“One member talked about the memories brought back on this visit and she said she hoped the youth of today will not forget what war does and hoped that it’s remembered by our youth of today in the future.”

Mrs Cunningham said 25 residents visited the camp, near Malton, in North Yorkshire.

She added: “The children and senior citizens looked around the camp together and talked about wartime.

“The adults taught the children about what happened during the war.”

She said St Bede’s Catholic Secondary School pupil Chloe Imms, 11, told the group all schoolchildren should be visiting Eden Camp as it is very educational and one of the best places she had been to.

Chloe also took lots of photos and has made a DVD as a souvenir of the trip, which has been passed to the group as a reminder of her trip to Eden Camp.

Mrs Cunningham, who has been the association’s chairman for three-and-a-half years, added: “The group also visited Beamish and enjoyed playing together with the toys and looking around the shops and homes.

“The group chatted together about what it was like and the children asking many questions about the things they visited.

“The group visited the school together and did activities in the classroom, visited a home where scones were baked and the children were shown how this was done.

“Beamish was educational and also brought back lots of memories for the senior citizens.

“They looked at the clothing that was worn in this time as well as transport.”

“My thanks go to Grassroots as without their help we could not of been able to bring senior citizens and children together.

“I would recommend that other community groups apply to this fund.”