Budding author Bob’s life story has a happy ending

Margaret and Bob Benson, with care home administrator Helen Carter.
Margaret and Bob Benson, with care home administrator Helen Carter.

A Blackhall resident’s dream of having his life story made into a book has come true, thanks to a kind-hearted care home administrator.

Bob Benson met Helen Carter, administrator at Field View Care Home in Blackhall Colliery, during his visits to the home to visit wife Margaret.

During one of these visits, Bob told Helen he had been writing his life story for the past three years.

After telling Helen of his dream of having his story made into a book, she offered to type it up for him, adding photographs from his travels and binding it to form his novel, The Last Green Bottle.

She presented Bob with the book as a surprise gift on his 89th birthday.

Bob said: “I have spent over three years writing my life story but because of setbacks and my spelling, I wore two type writers out, and by then computers took over.

“My wife has now gone in to a care home and luck would take a hand, I was to meet a young lady on one of my visits and I shared my story.

“When I finished, this young lady said she may be able to help. I told her what to expect and she said, that’s ok.

“On my 89th birthday she presented me with my story, all in excellent writing. I am beat for words, she has worked wonders!”

The book chronicles Bob’s life, from early childhood and family life, to talking about his life travelling with Margaret and living in Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Helen said: “Whilst typing Bob’s story I had lots of chuckles and lots of tears too.

“It was an absolute pleasure to be given the opportunity to read of their adventures andwhen it came to handing the book over to Bob the look on his face was priceless.