Burglar scaled 10ft court dock

Dwayne Ryan sentenced to 32 months youth custody for burglary and escaping from custody at Hartlepool Magistrates Court.
Dwayne Ryan sentenced to 32 months youth custody for burglary and escaping from custody at Hartlepool Magistrates Court.

A TEENAGE burglar leapt over a 10ft high dock and fled from court – only to be arrested again less than an hour later after foolishly going straight back home.

Dwayne Ryan pushed a security officer and climbed over the high perspex dock when he was brought before Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court.

He had been arrested for burgling a couple’s home the previous day – his 19th birthday – when he stole jewellery and almost £1,000 cash.

After getting over the dock, he then ran out of the courtroom, down a flight of stairs and past other security staff before fleeing down Victoria Road.

But rather than going on the run, Ryan simply returned to his home in Chester Road and police had the simple task of knocking on his door and taking him back to court to face the music.

Yesterday, he was locked up for 32 months at Teesside Crown Court under the “three strikes” rule for repeat house burglars.

Prosecutor Rachel Masters told the court in the initial offence Ryan broke into the terraced house in Errol Street at around 1.20am on October 30 when the victims, a married couple, were asleep in bed.

They were woken by a noise and when they went downstairs to investigate the woman discovered jewellery belonging to her had disappeared from the living room along with a purse containing £65.

When she checked her coat two more purses were missing including one which contained £900 cash and another with two bank cards in it.

It was found Ryan had forced his way in to the house through the patio.

The victims called police and Ryan was approached by officers on Victoria Road.

He ran off throwing various items away but was arrested within seconds.

The stolen property was returned to the owners except a mobile phone and some keys.

He appeared before magistrates the next day when his short-lived escape from custody took place.

Miss Masters said: “He was told he was going to be remanded in custody and with that news proceeded to push a dock officer, climbed over the dock and was able to run from the court building and make good his escape.”

Ian Mullarkey, mitigating, said the it was a spontaneous decision that was “short lived and ill-considered”.

Ryan was arrested at home within the hour and remanded again.

He later admitted burglary and escaping from custody.

Ryan apologised to the victims of the burglary which Mr Mullarkey said was committed when he was on tranquilisers.

Judge Les Spittle said of the escape: “You physically approached and pushed the dock officer, then you vaulted or climbed over a substantial barrier between you and the rest of the court and made good your escape.”