Burst pipe causes disruption

PART of a school had to close after a burst water main caused disruption in a busy street.

A nine-inch main burst on Durham Street, on Hartlepool’s Headland, in the early hours yesterday, causing part of the road to be closed.

As the water main led directly to the water supply at St Helen’s Primary School, part of the school was closed for the day while the leak was repaired.

Kevin Ensell, from Hartlepool Water, said: “We’d like to apologise to customers who have been affected by a burst water main which happened overnight on Durham Street.

“Regrettably, this nine inch water main directly feeds St Helen’s lower school, so after talking to the local council and headmistress the decision has been taken to close this part of the school for today.

“The burst happened in the early hours yesterday. Our engineers were able to isolate the leak at about 5am, meaning all residential customers, except for the school, now have a normal service.

“We are sorry for the disruption which was caused to customers and road users while we repaired this main and section of road which was damaged.

“Our teams worked throughout the day to try and complete the repair as quickly as possible.

“Some customers may notice some slight discolouration in their water. This is a relatively normal result from burst mains and should not cause alarm.

“If your supply isn’t to the usual high standard, try running the tap again. Our teams carried out some flushing to help make sure this discolouration passed as quickly as possible.”