Burst pipe knocks out hot water in Hartlepool streets

Headland resident Douglas Stalley by the water leak in Durham Street.
Headland resident Douglas Stalley by the water leak in Durham Street.

Some Headland residents have been left without hot water due to a water leak.

The leak in Durham Street and efforts to fix it have meant some people’s water pressure has been too low to trigger their bolier.

The scene of the leak.

The scene of the leak.

One of those is Douglas Stalley. He contacted the Mail about the leak which saw water pour into the street for over a day.

Mr Stalley said: “Water was absolutely gushing out when I went to work at 7.20am on Tuesday and when I got back it was still gushing out with a barrier around it.

“I returned from work on Wednesday expecting some progress to find the barriers still there and no-one to be seen.

“Because of the fall in pressure my boiler won’t work so I have no hot water.”

Hartlepool Water apologised to customers affected and says it is working to restore the suply ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend.

The fall in pressure was caused by re-routed water around the section of burst pipe and says people will be affected to differing extents.

Specialist equipment needed to repair the burst was due to arrive yesterday.

This kit was due to arrive yesterday and work to start the repair will begin.

A Hartlepool Water spokesperson said: “We are very sorry customers in the Durham Road area of Hartlepool are experiencing low water pressure. We have identified a burst pipe on Durham Road, which requires specialist equipment to repair.

“In order to keep all customers on water whilst specialist kit arrives, we have re-routed water around the damaged section of pipe, meaning customers may be experiencing lower than normal water pressure.

“Work on Durham Road will be starting later today and we expect things to be back to normal ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend.”

“Customers can keep up to date with the latest work happening in their area by visiting: www.hartlepoolwater.co.uk/inyourarea. “