Burst pipe leaves 30 homes without water

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THIRTY houses were left without water when an underground pipe burst.

Several gardens were flooded and water covered roads in the area of the erupted pipe.

Northumbrian Water was called to the incident in the Essex Crescent, Cooper Lane, and Marsh House Avenue area of Billingham at 5pm on Monday night.

Engineers worked throughout the night to fix the problem and residents’ water supplies were back in operation by yesterday morning.

A Northumbrian Water spokeswoman said: “ We had a burst nine-inch water main at the rear of Essex Crescent, in Billingham.

“We had to identify where the water was coming from and which pipe had burst and we managed to turn off the water within a couple of hours. About 30 properties were left without water.

“Our staff worked through the night to carry out the repair which was quite awkward because it was a long pipe so we did that as soon as we could.”

Student Andrew Rasmussen, 18, of Oakwell Road, in Norton, was in the area at the time of the burst pipe and sent some pictures to the Mail.

He said: “The water just erupted, it was like a volcano.

“It was all over the roads and in people’s gardens. It caused chaos.”