Burst turns water brown

A BURST water main caused water to turn brown in households across the town last night.

The “major” burst in Tees Road, in the town, at around 5pm yesterady caused substantial flooding and resulted in the road being closed until around midnight.

Police, fire officers and Hartlepool Water staff all attended the scene.

The section of main was isolated, but the discolouration of water in the town was believed to have affected hundreds of residents.

Preparations for repairs on the main are set to start today which Hartlepool Water say should not cause any more road closures.

Ciaran Nelson, from Hartlepool Water, said: “Our priority last night was to make sure no-one lost water and priority number two was to get repair work ready to be started.”

Residents were reassured that the discolouration of water is not harmful to health, but are advised against using washing machines or other apparatus without checking that the cold water supply is clear.