Burst water main leaves Hartlepool homes without water


A BURST water main left a number of Hartlepool homes without water.

The leaking 10-inch pipe, underground in Throston Grange Lane, Hartlepool, left 16 properties without any water for around half an hour on Tuesday.

Hartlepool Water had received reports of it leaking on Sunday and sent a team of engineers to inspect it.

It was decided that the pipe needed replacing.

The repairs took until Tuesday afternoon to be completed.

A spokesman said: “We had reports of a 10-inch water main that was trickling in the Throston area on Sunday.

“It serves about 2,000 properties so we did our best to minimise the disruption to the water supply.

“There were just 16 properties left without water for 22 minutes.

“It was all fixed by about lunch time on Tuesday after our team had been working on it since 6am that day and also the days before that.

“We apologise for any inconvenience.”