Burst water main shoots water 40ft into the air and brings chaos to Horden

The burst water main in Rosedale Terrace, in Horden
The burst water main in Rosedale Terrace, in Horden

THIS is the moment a burst water main brought chaos to a quiet street.

A 40ft shoot of water gushed into the air as workmen from Northumbrian Water desperately tried to bring the situation under control.

The incident happened in Rosedale Terrace, in Horden, around lunchtime on Monday.

It left scores of residents without water for around half an hour.

Mary Cartwright, who lives in nearby Roseby Road, captured the scene on camera.

Mary, a former Mayor of Peterlee, said: “The whole estate’s water was off.

“The workmen were working in the street and digging when it happened.

“I don’t know how or what happened, the water was there when I came up Rosedale and I thought ‘what on Earth is that?’

“A van with a man with a loud hailer went round shouting that the water supply would be resumed as soon as possible.

“I don’t know how they did it or what but it was gushing 30 to 40ft.”

A Northumbrian Water spokeswoman said: “We had a burst on a three-inch diameter pipe.
“The water was off for less than half an hour and we managed to carry our a repair very quickly.”