Bus mad twins are in the driving seat

Thomas (left) and Henry Craggs
Thomas (left) and Henry Craggs

BUS-LOVING three-year-old twins Thomas and Henry Craggs have had a Stagecoach bus named after them.

Their mum, Joanne Gavillet, said the youngsters now think it’s their own bus when it drives around the streets of Hartlepool.

Stagecoach North East bosses named the single-decker after the youngsters after hearing how they were besotted by buses.

Bus number 39668 Thomas Henry was unveiled when the pair had a VIP tour of the company’s Brenda Road depot.

The two boys’ passion for public transport has a massive bearing on the family’s lifestyle.

Even though Joanne has a car, she has to take the twins on a bus journey at least twice a week, just to please the tiny twosome.

Joanne, a 36-year-old support worker from the Oxford Road area of town, said her sons had been interested in buses ever since they could sit up unaided and the only toys they have are bus or train-related.

She added: “They first started showing an interest in buses at just six months old and it has gone from there.

“Even though we have a car, we have to get the bus a couple of times a week purely for the twins’ own enjoyment, as they love the journey so much.

“There’s not one element in particular they favour the most, just the entire experience really, from the big windows where they can watch the world go by, to the passengers getting on and off.

“They even know the number of each bus and where it goes.

“They are over the moon, they think the bus with their names on is their own bus.”

Joanne takes the twins to the Headland by bus to see their dad, Paul Craggs, a 32-year-old training officer at the Belle Vue Sports and Community Centre, play rugby for Boys’ Brigade Old Boys, or gives them a real treat by taking on them a longer journey on the Stagecoach North East service 36 to Middlesbrough.

She added: “It was really good of Stagecoach to show the boys around like that.

“You never know, they might be bus drivers when they are older.”

The boys were also given a model Stagecoach North East bus each as a souvenir of their visit.

Sandy Gallacher, Hartlepool Depot Operations Manager for Stagecoach North East, said: “At Stagecoach North East we constantly strive to ensure our bus journeys are as pleasant as possible, and the twins, Henry and Thomas, who both go to Kingsley nursery school and Footprints, are just an example of passengers getting the most out of our services.

“We’re delighted they enjoy their bus trips so much, and hope they continue to do so for many years to come.”