23 new jobs at housing group

APPRENTICES: From left, Sharon Biggs, Ryan Jackson, and Jessica Hughes
APPRENTICES: From left, Sharon Biggs, Ryan Jackson, and Jessica Hughes

EXTRA jobs have been created to help 23 apprentices get a foot on the career ladder.

The Vela Group, which oversees Housing Hartlepool and Stockton-based Tristar Homes, is recruiting the apprentices in a move which bosses hailed as a bid to nurture the talents of aspiring young adults in the area.

Ten administration jobs, six in housing, six in trade and one in information communication technology are being filled by Vela.

Vela says that without the group structure Housing Hartlepool and Tristar Homes would only have been able to offer five trade apprenticeships between them.

Bernadette Stainsby, Vela’s head of human resources, said: “Housing Hartlepool and Tristar’s ability to recruit more apprentices than in the past clearly illustrates the difference that is being made in the community through the establishment of the Vela Group.

“The aim of the apprenticeships is to get people into work, build their confidence and nurture their development.

“Vela is an advocate of apprenticeships, which provide solid foundations in a variety of roles, leading to excellent career prospects. They also allow the trainees to earn while they learn.”

Since the formation of Vela, the group has been looking at different ways of working which will benefit their customers and the wider community. One of its key objectives is to extend existing schemes and introduce new ones to help get people into work, including the recruitment of more trainees into the organisation.

Vela has been working in partnership with Hartlepool College and has teamed up with the Springboard and Connect To Work groups to promote the apprenticeships, as well as highlighting the placements to both Tristar and Housing Hartlepool customers.

The apprenticeship lasts up to four years with the apprentices spending four days each week gaining work-based practical experience and one day at college studying a course linked to their role.