A gem of a business

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A HARTLEPOOL home-based business adviser is taking her own advice by setting up an online jewellery firm.

Carole Earl has spent the past three years providing support and training to others setting up as entrepreneurs.

But now she has decided to extend her hobby and has set up Glitterati – a business offering jewellery, made with semi-precious stones, as well as Cornish silverware.

Carole has made hand-crafted jewellery for four years and sold it to friends and family.

Carole, 50, moved to the North-East from Goole 19 years ago. She settled in Hartlepool in 2003.

She is taking her business to the next level thanks to the technical expertise of North-East software company Bolsover Networks and its online trading platform Super Simple Shop which has been designed to provide small and hobbyist retailers with a platform to tap in to the lucrative online sales market without the need for expensive websites.

Carole said: “I love jewellery and a few years ago I picked up an earring in a shop and thought I’m sure I could make that myself.

“It took me three hours to make just one earring, but over the years I have mastered the art and have made hundreds of different pieces in my spare time whilst juggling full-time work commitments.

“I decided recently that I would like to establish the business beyond a hobby and actually took the advice of my colleagues to ensure I was setting off on the right footing.

“It became quickly apparent that I needed an online presence where I could not only display the pieces but could sell them too.

“But setting up a fully transactional website for a small business that I continue to run alongside my proper job, was too great an investment.”

She turned to Super Simple Shop and soon had a website up and running.

She added: “Having spent so long advising and training others, I’m now listening to my own advice and feel I have the foundations in place to start to build a successful business that I am passionate about.”