A new start for new businesses

www.gilbertjohnston.com'tel 07867812537'BLNE advisor Chris Simpson, 8.10.07.
www.gilbertjohnston.com'tel 07867812537'BLNE advisor Chris Simpson, 8.10.07.

WITH a new year, many people will be thinking about new starts.

While the usual resolutions to eat less and exercise more will be mostly forgotten come Valentine’s Day, 2011 could be the year to consider starting up your own business.

A recent survey by Royal Mail found that the number of new business start-ups in the UK rose in 2010, indicating a turnaround in the small and medium sized enterprise market.

The North-East was identified as the fastest growing region for business start-ups and an ideal location for budding entrepreneurs to launch their business ideas.

If you would like to become your own boss this year, Business Link is on hand to help you get your business ideas off the ground.

Here, business adviser Chris Simpson talks about how 2011 could be the year of the start-up:

“There is no definition as to what makes a good business idea. It could be an invention, a new product or service or a gap in the market that you can fill.

“In the North-East, we recognise the importance of innovation and understand starting your own business is a major step. Business Link runs a series of events and workshops aimed at helping you develop a business idea.

“The Start Your Business events are free to attend and provide an opportunity for anyone who is thinking of starting a business to get face-to-face advice from business experts on a range of specialist topics from finance and marketing to planning and law.

“Delegates can also take part in interactive workshops and seminars, and access a series of free guides which are packed with practical information on how to start a business.

“Becoming your own boss and building a business around your idea is exciting and rewarding.

“Careful planning and accessing the right help and support will ensure your business survives and prospers.

“Business Link can help exploit your ideas and turn them into businesses that start, succeed and grow.

“Business Link’s start-up service is the only complete and impartial service to help you start your business.”

Anyone with a business idea which they would like to develop, or anyone who would like an information pack on starting a business, should contact a Business Link adviser on 0845 6009 006 to arrange an appointment.

To view upcoming Start Your Business events visit www.eventsnortheast.co.uk/start or call (0191) 2815777 for more information.