Asda say there is ‘no evidence’ of defrosted food being refrozen in Hartlepool

The ASDA store on Marina Way in Hartlepool.
The ASDA store on Marina Way in Hartlepool.

SUPERMARKET bosses have moved quickly to reassure customers that they have “no evidence” to suggest defrosted food is being refrozen then sold to customers.

The Mail revealed on Wednesday that a probe had been launched at Asda, in Hartlepool, after a staff member at the Marina Way store raised concerns.

The worker suggested food was allowed to defrost before freezers inside the store were restocked.

Asda launched an immediate investigation after being made aware of the staff member’s claims by the Mail.

That investigation has now been completed, and a spokeswoman said the store had received high ratings on all of its food safety checks.

The spokeswoman said: “We would like to reassure our customers that there is no evidence to suggest any of the claims being made are true.

“This store has scored five out of five in its most recent Environmental Health Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, which supports our own internal food safety checks.”