Bedding in for success

Matthew Stephenson
Matthew Stephenson

A COMPANY that specialises in getting rid of unwanted mattresses is considering a major expansion – with Hartlepool a strong frontrunner as the likely base.

Divert More was formed less than two years ago and employs three people based at Oakesway in the town.

But it is already putting growth plans in place and its founder Matthew Stephenson told the Mail: “If the market reacts as we think it will, we will probably look to find a new site within 12 months and go through extensive growth plans involving people as well as a factory.”

He said the numbers of extra workers and the size of any expansion could not yet be determined and it would depend on the success of work in both the private and public sectors.

He added: “We are trying to make the business robust and strong going forward. It is not the easiest time to start a new business. We are trying to do this calmly. We have identified markets in Yorkshire, County Durham and Teesside. We have found that the skillsets of the people in Hartlepool and the attitude there is very good.”

Divert More is aiming to solve the problems of dependence on landfill for disposing of waste.

They receive waste mattresses and workers de-construct them by hand to their individual parts.

The recovered, clean materials are then distributed into alternative recycling within the manufacturing industries so that none of the original mattress goes to a landfill site.

The idea for the business was formed in October 2009 by Mr Stephenson and two of his business associates.

Mr Stephenson added: “A mattress can be made up of up to 18 individual materials, and we have worked hard on identifying environmentally friendly routes of disposal for these recovered materials that ensure 100 per cent landfill avoidance.”

Mattresses have a life span of over 10 years to decompose when placed in landfill and an average mattress is 23 cubic feet in size.

Divert More has potential customers based in markets such as local authorities, waste management companies, mattress manufacturers and retailers.

Mr Stephenson said Hartlepool was chosen for the original factory because a business partner had factory space available there.

He said the town was likely to be the base for any expanded site and added: “The plan is to develop in Hartlepool. We think it is absolutely perfect and the demographics are right, the infrastructure is right. It satisfies everything and it would take something special for us to choose somewhere else.”