Boys back in business

PALS Sami Chehab and Shafik Flouty are back in business.

The two Lebanese men have called England their home for more than 30 years.

And now, they are back together in the food trade after taking over at Davinci’s in York Road, and getting back into the swing of working together after they both had health problems.

Sami, 63, needed a stent after problems with his heart while Shafik, 58, had a heart attack three years ago. Sami said: “I feel ten years younger since I had the stent.”

Business partner Shafik added: “I had the heart attack and thought slow down, but then I thought ‘you can’t slow down. Then you just get worse.”

The two friends have completely changed the food choices and are delighted to be in business again.

Although the business partners are running the place themselves for now, they do plan to create work by taking on three to four people.

Both men have a long history of working in the food trade. Sami has had many businesses in the town over the years from Al Syros to being the first owner of Sicilianos in 1992.

Shafik formerly had Olivitos, and was at Marina Pizza for seven years. He has also worked as a manager for Sami.

The pair are confident of business success. Shafik said: “We understand and we have the experience. We have 30 years experience between us.”

Sami added: “When you have lived in Hartlepool, you always want to come back I love it here.”