Breezing ahead with windfarm plans

The offshore wind farm taking shape
The offshore wind farm taking shape

COLOURFUL additions to an offshore windfarm have started to appear on the Hartlepool horizon.

The yellow sections of the Teesside Offshore Wind Farm are now taking shape in the waters off the town’s coast.

The Port of Hartlepool which is acting as the supply base for the project which should see the first electricity generated by this autumn.

Operator EDF Energy Renewables has already installed the monopile foundations for the 27 turbines that will form the windfarm and the next phase of activity involves the installation of the above sea level turbines and the associated subsea cabling.

The 2.3MW turbines will be capable of producing 62 megawatts of electricity which is enough low carbon energy to power up to 40,000 households.

The yellow T-shaped sections link the structure between the foundations and the turbine towers, and also house the access ladders, platform and cable termination points.

The turbine towers will then be installed and the main turbine operating body (the nacelle), the rotor hub and the blades will be fitted.