Build-A-Bear sale debacle - what you said about the angry scenes and five-hour queues

Long queues developed at Build-A-Bear Workshops around the country.
Long queues developed at Build-A-Bear Workshops around the country.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop has faced a huge social media backlash after disappointed people missed out on its cut-price teddies offer.

Desperate parents queued for up to nine hours in some parts of the country yesterday, and there were angry scenes in places as people were turned away.

At the main North East store, at the intu Metrocentre in Gateshead, bosses closed the queue at lunchtime, after warning people they faced a wait of up to five hours.

They said they wanted to ensure they had enough stock so everyone who was waiting would get a teddy bear.

The chain had announced a special promotion called Pay Your Age Day where a teddy could be purchased for the same price as a child's age.

It's now been revealed that the offer is actually available all year round - although it's usually only promoted to members of the store's Bonus Club scheme.

However, it's easy to join the Bonus Club, and free - all you need to do is sign up via their website to receive special offer emails from Build-A-Bear.

The only catch is that the cheap bear can only be purchased during your child's birthday month - unlike yesterday, when the promotion was available to all children under 14.

Readers have been reacting on social media to yesterday's chaotic scenes.

Lynda Dixon tweeted: "Disgusted with #BuildaBear at the #MetroCentre. Brought Jack to get his birthday present and they have shut the store!"

L'il Ron tweeted: "Can't believe people queued for 7+ hours in the Metrocentre, to get a Build-A-Bear for the price of your child's age.

"Sorry like, but I'd rather pay full price. It's a teddy bear for God's sake, not a diamond ring!"

Helen Leary said on Facebook: "Children hate being dragged around the shops to start with! It’s child cruelty making them stand in a queue for 5 hours! Get a grip!"

And Becca Watt asked: "Wouldn't you rather just pay the price of a bear and be in and out in five minutes, or just not get a bear at all?"

Melanie Bell agreed: "I would rather of paid full price and kids got to enjoy the experience."

And Anita MJ Thompson added: "All to save a few quid. Really, was it worth it? I think not."

Carole Welsh summed up the feeling of many, saying: "What a waste of time."