Building firm wins share of £1.8bn contract

Yuill offices
Yuill offices

A HARTLEPOOL house building company has won a share of a £181m contract to help bring more affordable housing to the region.

Town firm Yuill Homes will be involved in exciting plans to build houses which will help get struggling people onto the property ladder.

David Mullins, Yuill Homes managing director

David Mullins, Yuill Homes managing director

But company bosses say they cannot yet say how big their slice of the regional programme is and how many jobs the work could create.

Yuill has successfully bid for funding from the Government’s Affordable Homes programme.

The programme is worth £1.8bn nationally with £181m being ploughed into affordable housing over the next four years in the North-East, Yorkshire and the Humber.

Yuill Homes managing director David Mullins said: “We are delighted that Yuill Homes is a successful bidder for this funding.”

He said the award was “a true testament to the excellent quality of our range of homes and our credible experience in partnership working with a range of housing providers.”

Mr Mullins said Yuill was looking forward to working on a scheme which would help people who were “struggling to get a foot on the property ladder.”

But details of exactly how big Yuill’s involvement in the scheme are scant at this stage.

Company representatives say the level of funding, how many houses would be built, and how many jobs would be created are all details which can only be confirmed later this year when contracts have been signed.

But a spokesman said: “It is Yuill’s hope that new jobs will be created as part of this in due course.”

She said the programme would start in the fourth quarter of this year and Hartlepool would be part of it.

Nationally, the four-year programme will be managed by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and could create as many as 80,000 new affordable homes throughout England.

HCA executive director David Curtis said: “This is a good outcome for the North-East in a difficult financial climate. With further new housing already in the pipeline from earlier funding rounds, this adds up to thousands of new affordable homes for people in the region’s cities, towns and villages.

“We are particularly pleased the programme has made it possible to make more limited public funding go further – with the successful bidders expected to create over 8,000 new homes in our operating area.”