Business duo are on their way to Bosnia

Lee Caldwell and Peter Crowe(right) of Focus Removals
Lee Caldwell and Peter Crowe(right) of Focus Removals

A BUSINESS duo are set for their biggest contract yet when they complete a 3,400-mile trip to Bosnia.

Lee Caldwell and Peter Crowe, both 26, own and run Focus Removals, which is based on the Park View Industrial Estate in Hartlepool

Next month, they will deliver furniture from a storage unit in North Wales to a former Army colleague of Peter’s.

Peter, who is married to Emma Crowe, 28, and has three children, Taylor Higgs, aged eight, Ashton Crowe, aged five and seven-month-old Mason Crowe, said: “I am looking forward to it. It will be nice to see how Bosnia has changed.”

He explained how the contract came about. Peter rose to the rank of Corporal during his 10 years with the Green Howards.

He said: “My old platoon leader has got his stuff in storage.

“When I was on tour in Bosnia, he met a woman out there and they are now married with children.

“He got in touch with me when he heard I had started a business and said ‘how about this contract? I want you to move my things to Bosnia?’

“It’s not going to be a cheap trip, but it is things that have a sentimental value to him. It is the biggest order we have had.”

The round trip is expected to take five days and, while the route to Bosnia is 1,500 miles, it goes up to 1,700 miles when the diversion to the North Wales storage unit is taken into account.

“I was on tour in Bosnia in 2006 so it is going to be interesting to see what it is like now,” said Peter.

Business generally is also going well for Lee and Peter.

Peter said Focus Removals was now the accredited removal company for a large storage firm in the Tees Valley area.

The next progression for the business partners is to bring in another vehicle.

The two Hartlepool men have known each other since their days at Brierton School.

They both left school at the same time and both joined the Army with Lee spending eight years with the Royal Engineers - progressing to Lance Corporal - and Peter serving with the Green Howards.

It was Lee, who has a fiance, Cheryl Jones, 26, and three children, Ella, aged five, Amelia, aged two, and 11-week-old Ava, who started the business.

Peter explained: “Lee had a van and people were asking him to move things. It made him realise that he could go into the business.”