Cancer scare leads to success

Hartlepool buisnessman Steve Jenkins.
Hartlepool buisnessman Steve Jenkins.

A BUSINESS boss has revealed how a cancer scare led to the “light bulb moment” when he set up his own company.

Steve Jenkins, now 59, was off work and recovering from a two-hour operation to remove a defective cell from his leg four years ago.

Thankfully, initial fears that the lump was cancerous proved unfounded but Steve, of Station Lane, in Hartlepool, still had to spend 12 weeks off work recovering.

It was the spare time he needed to come up with a plan to launch a new business, offering an online application to help building and construction companies to become more successful when bidding for projects.

Steve was working as a self-employed repair and maintenance man at the time.

But as soon as he got over his enforced 12-week lay-off he launched the new business called Pyramid Estimator which employs two people at the moment.

But it is proving so popular, Steve plans to take on five design developers and an apprentice and expects to start recruiting in the next six months.

Steve, formerly from Barry, in South Wales, until he moved in 1980, said: “We have found lots of areas we can extend this business to and I estimate I have got at least two years work in at the moment.”

He said the online support for specialist trades was suitable for any level of customer from the single trader through to multi-million pound firms.

Steve explained how he ended up forming Pyramid Estimator.

“I first worked for a local authority and I was made redundant. I then started out as self-employed in repairs and maintenance but I had a lump on my leg which prevented me from lifting heavy objects. At the same time, the recession hit and the building industry collapsed.

“I had to have a two-hour operation and they took the lump out of my calf muscle.

“While I was recovering, I had such a good idea that I never went back to what I was doing before.”

Steve had been using the online system that he developed as a personal tool which he then developed to help other people.

He said any business with online links can use it to help them stand a better chance of winning contracts.