Check now to reclaim care fees


A lawyer has urged families to check if they have a right to claim care homes fees they’ve paid.

But people who may qualify must claim before the Government’s deadline.

The warning has come from Nicola Dalzell of Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors in Hartlepool.

She said there was plenty of publicity in Autumn last year around the deadline for claims dating back to 2004, but many people may not be aware that there is now an annual deadline set.

This means that claims for care fees between April 1, 2011, and March 31, last year, must be submitted before the end of March, this year.

People who paid for care home fees during that time may be entitled to reclaim those fees from the NHS if the primary reason for care was physical or mental health needs.

Nicola said: “In many cases, people do not know that there is an opportunity to claim now for care dating back to April 2011.

“Even if the person the claim relates to is no longer alive, the family could be entitled to reclaim the money spent on the care home fees. The important thing is to submit any claim before the end of March.”

Nicola believes many people are funding their own care when they might be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare. She says: “If a person’s primary need for care is because of nursing or health care needs, then they should be assessed to find out if they are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

“Also, if someone has been assessed and refused, they have the right to appeal and they or their family should seek expert help.”