Company with the drive to succeed

Andrew Ingram at the Brussels Motor Show
Andrew Ingram at the Brussels Motor Show

A HIGH-TECH company is playing a key behind-the-scenes role at one of Europe’s largest motor shows.

The High Tide Group, at Wynyard Park, was hired to provide IT support to Belgian company Alcopa for the 11-day Brussels Motor Show.

Director and lead consultant Andrew Ingram is overseeing the contract. He flew out to the Belgian capital for the event which is expected to attract 600,000 visitors.

Alcopa is one of Belgium’s largest companies with more than 2,000 workers. It specialises in the distribution of cars and other mobility products.

Bosses are expecting to conduct significant amounts of business during the motor show.

Andrew, from the Headland, in Hartlepool, said: “Alcopa represents companies such as Suzuki and Hyundai in Europe. It is a key player at the motor show and it needs robust IT systems in place to ensure it is in a position to sell as many cars as possible.”

He said High Tide had been brought in after systems problems at the show last year which caused a whole day of difficulties.

He said High Tide had been hired to ensure that such a potentially damaging situation does not occur again. He added: “Competition is intense at these events with high volumes of business taking place. For example, there are car leasing companies which are looking to buy up to 200 cars at a time and if you are unable to meet their needs then one of your competitors will ensure that they can.”

High Tide Group was formed in 2008 and is enjoying strong growth. It employs four people but brings in extra consultants when they are needed.

The company was hired for the Brussels Motor Show following the success of a £350,000 contract to design and build a new state-of-the-art IT system for Alcopa whose head office is at Kontich, near Antwerp.