Fifteen years and counting

Carterbar staff celebrate their 15th birthday
Carterbar staff celebrate their 15th birthday

A financial advice company is celebrating 15 years in business.

Carterbar, based in Billingham, began with a turnover of £154,000 in its first year and employed three people, Arthur Dornan, Craig Dyball and Suzanne Cox. They are all still with the business.

Turnover for last year was £890,000. Its current workforce is 11.

The firm has expanded by acquiring other financial advice companies and bosses say further expansion is also possible in this field. Managing director Mr Dornan said: “At a time when more and more financial advice seems to have migrated to online, we remain committed to the personal touch and building face-to-face relationships with our clients.

“Our increased turnover stands testament to the effectiveness of what we do.”

Director of sales and marketing Mr Dyball said: “The financial industry is not always the most stable which is why we are delighted that a significant number of our employees have been with us for much of our fifteen years in business. Their loyalty counts for a lot in a volatile industry.”

Director of operations Ms Cox said: “The challenges for Carterbar are the same now as they were on that first day we started trading.

“Many people find finance confusing and we are there to help them understand the decisions they have to take.”

Carterbar is based at Manor Way, on the Belasis Business Park.