Fuelling the future

A CHARGING point for electric cars has been installed in Hartlepool.

The new facility is now in place at Hub Two, the recently opened £4.7m extension to UK Steel Enterprise’s Innovation Centre on the Queens Meadow Business Park.

The installation is one of many being carried out by Energy-Maintenance Company, a Stokesley-based company expanding with help from UK Steel Enterprise, the business support subsidiary of Tata Steel.

Chris Wilson, a consultant with the Energy-Maintenance Company, said: “This is an important market for us and the investment we have secured from UK Steel Enterprise is enabling us to expand the company and capitalise on a number of opportunities.

“We hope that this charger in Hartlepool will be the start of a network of chargers at UK Steel Enterprise premises.”

In another development, Hartlepool will be one of the first parts of the UK to see a new electric car.

The Tata Indica Vista EV, launched by Tata Motors at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, is to visit Hartlepool on Wednesday to mark a number of green initiatives for Teesside.

The car is a five-door battery powered car that can travel for 100 miles on its battery with a top speed of 71mph.

Mr Green added: “This is the latest facility to be made available at our business premises as part of our ongoing aim to provide all the services and facilities that companies housed in our centres need in order to grow their businesses successfully.”

Tony Miles, of Tata Motors, said: “This new car and Tata Steel’s involvement here in Teesside illustrate the innovation and enterprise of the Tata Group.”