Greggs caught shrinking pasties while hiking prices

Greggs pasty
Greggs pasty

NORTH East baker Greggs has been shrinking its treats while increasing prices.

Pies, pasties, cakes and butties have all diminished before customers’ eyes.

Worst hit has been the bacon roll, which has shrunk by 18 per cent, from 152 grammes to 124 grammes since last May.

Pasties have become five per cent smaller, as have pizza slices.

Chicken sub sandwiches are down six per cent, while cheese and bacon wraps have reduced by seven per cent.

Lemon drizzle doughnuts are eight per cent smaller and there has been a seven per cent reduction in yum yums, according to research by retail magazine The Grocer.

Greggs, which has six shops in Hartlepool and two in East Durham, said prices have “reluctantly” increased.

In January the firm said it was facing “significant” price rises on ingredients such as flour, pork, poultry and beef.

A spokesman added said: “Changes in weight are normally the result of improvements to specification such as reducing fat, salt or sugar.”

Richard Lloyd – executive director of consumer magazine Which? – said: “Shrinking products can be an underhand way of raising prices, as pack sizes shrink but the prices don’t.”