Greggs driv-thru 'set to open across the UK'

File picture by Lorne Campbell / Guzelian
File picture by Lorne Campbell / Guzelian

Soon you could be able to pick up a pasty on your morning commute.

The North East's favourite bakery is looking at potential locations for drive-thru Greggs across the UK.

Greggs. Picture by PA

Greggs. Picture by PA

The chain, which has 1,800 stores nationwide, launched its first drive-thru in Manchester in June, and after a successful month - and releasing positive half-year sales and profits figures this week - the firm is now looking at expanding the venture.

Chief executive Roger Whiteside said there is a healthy appetite for drive-thrus to meet convenience demands from customers.

“We opened our first ‘Drive-Thru’ shop at Irlam, Greater Manchester, in June and have been encouraged by its popularity, indicating a demand for further drive-thru locations," he told The Chronicle in Newcastle.

“We are very excited by it – it’s got off to a flying start. It’s been interesting and exciting to see how well customers have taken to it.

“Customers are very taken by the idea of not having to leave their cars. We wondered if they would be welcoming to do this, and it’s been very positive – I don’t understand why we haven’t done this years ago.

“We are actively looking for more sites but we will be competing against others looking for more sites. It’s something that’s become more and more prevalent – you’ve even got coffee shops now involved in drive-thrus."

Mr Whiteside said the main factor in how customers decide where to shop "is convenience", and drive-thrus were "the most convenient – they don’t even have to leave their cars".

He said the company was now looking for more sites, but will be competing against others looking for drive-thru locations because such outlets where becoming evermore popular.

He said peak times at the drive-thru in Irlam are at morning rush hour and evening rush hour, and the site trades until 9pm.