Hair and beauty is a real family business

(left to right) Amanda Powell, Rebecca Harris, Georgina Moore and Pauls Moore. Picture by FRANK REID
(left to right) Amanda Powell, Rebecca Harris, Georgina Moore and Pauls Moore. Picture by FRANK REID

A HAIRDRESSERS and beauty salon is keeping it in the family with two sets of mothers and daughters working there.

Amanda Powell, 38, is the latest addition to the set-up at Hamiltons hairdressers in Murray Street in Hartlepool, but she is certainly not lacking for friendly faces.

She has set up her own business within the premises. It is a beauty room called Perfection upstairs in the salon and Amanda rents it from hairdressing business owner Paula Moore, 52.

There should be plenty of familiar faces for Amanda. Her daughter Rebecca Harris, 17, is working in the hairdressing part of the business as an apprentice. Also working in the hairdressers is Paula’s own daughter Georgina Moore, 20, who is employed as a junior stylist.

Amanda is the latest addition to the team. She is married to NEDL maintenance manager Gary Powell, 49, and has a 12-year-old son Daniel.

The Bishop Cuthbert area resident is running Perfection which offers waxing, gel nails, gel manicures, pedicures and ear piercings.

She said she chose Hamiltons because “there is quite a lot of footfall. And with the hairdressing salon below, there will be people interested in my side.

“I am just hoping it will take off and provide me with a reliable income.”

Amanda had been going to the hairdressing salon herself for about six years and believes the time was now right for her to set up in business.

Paula meanwhile has been going strong with the hairdressing business for around eight years.

She said: “Business is good at the moment and it is lovely to have the two families here. It is very unusual to have two sets of mothers and daughters in the same business. I had not thought about it until Amanda mentioned it but we are like a little family here and we all get on very well.

“Amanda rents the beauty room from me upstairs. Rebecca works for me and she is doing great.”

She said the hairdressing side of the business, which offers services including the latest dip dye any colour extensions, was attracting clientele from as far away as Manchester, Stoke and London.

“People come to us while they are on holiday. They like what we do and then they come back.” In the future, said Paula, the businesses hoped to retail in hair for hair extensions.