Hart-ening times for Alby

Alby Pattison (front) with members of his staff at Hart Biologicals
Alby Pattison (front) with members of his staff at Hart Biologicals

A SPECIALIST Hartlepool business is celebrating one of the best years in its history.

Orders are good, staff numbers are increasing and the team at Hart Biologicals can also boast that they work for the Hartlepool Business of the Year.

Chris Cordner met the man at the top.

MANAGING director Alby Pattison has every reason to feel confident.

The company he formed 10 years ago is doing well.

It now operates from a modern business base on the Queens Meadow Business Park, in Hartlepool.

It is securing orders and contacts all over the globe and more laboratories have been added at the headquarters in Hartlepool to cope with the workload.

Alby took a deserved few minutes break to speak to the Hartlepool Mail.

He speaks passionately about a business which specialises in the type of medical fields which saves lives.

Hart Biologicals’ work includes the management of Warfarin which helps to prevent stroke.

He said: “For the UK side of the business, which is the monitoring of Warfarin therapy in hospital outpatient and community clinic services, given that the Government has essentially said that GPs will take more control of certain aspects of patient care, we feel that warfarin management is an area where GPs and pharmacists can take control.”

He added: “It can work very well for them and works well for patients.”

He said patients prefer to get community based treatments rather than attending a hospital. “It is that familiarity with nurses and the GPs especially as most people on Warfarin are elderly.”

He said Hart Biologicals had contracted a Newton Bewley-based company to work with them on the delivery of a strategy for community anti-coagulants.

“In that respect,” said Alby, “we feel that this is an excellent opportunity for us to show what we can do in the safe and effective management of patients on Warfarin, given that there are new drugs being developed and planned on the market, but they are expensive.”

He said his company had a “financial model” which showed that the cost of the new drugs was £6.6 billion more to the NHS than of warfarin management.

His own firm’s system works by measuring a patient’s blood to monitor the effectiveness of Warfarin.

That system, he said, had a “potentially significant saving” for the NHS.

The second part of the Hart Biologicals work is contract manufacturing and that was “going from strength to strength,” said Alby.

He said two new labs had been created at the town firm’s Queens Meadow base.

“The reason for that is to service the needs of our contracting manufacture partners, particularly so the work with the Munich based companies which is growing significantly.

“We recently hosted a meeting with the clinical director and the director of research from Munich to review just where the increase in our research and development activities is going to go, and our part of a collaboration between San Diego, Toronto and Munich to develop a total new way of undertaking the blood testing that this company is involved with.”

Details are commercially sensitive but they indicate the bright future for Hart Biologicals.

Alby added: “Links with our USA companies are increasing.”

Alby was also planning visits to Philadelphia and Florida recently to discuss “increasing business with one of the businesses we already work with, and the owner of the second business on how we will be working with them to grow their business quite significantly.”

All this in a year when Hart Biologicals took the honour of Business of the Year at the Hartlepool Business Awards in May.

Alby said: “We are very busy and it is quite frantic in the factory but it is a good frantic.”

He said the workforce was probably going to have to increase further after already rising this year, and added: “It shows our product manufacturing capabilities has improved.

“The Business of the Year title is a nice accolade to have. Over the years, as the company has grown, we have been able to add more strings to our bow.

“It has been nice to have those additions recognised at the Business Awards.”