Hartlepool conference takes the mystery out of dying

HELPING TO TAKE AWAY THE MYTHS: Apolena Wilson, Dave Russon and Carolyn Tilly who all gave speeches at the conference.
HELPING TO TAKE AWAY THE MYTHS: Apolena Wilson, Dave Russon and Carolyn Tilly who all gave speeches at the conference.

A BUSINESS conference which aimed to take the mystery out of dying could be held again in Hartlepool.

The town hosted the first ever exhibition and presentation where the aim was to focus entirely on funerals and other aspects of dealing with the death of a loved one.

The idea was to demystify the whole process of dying and organisers say they were glad that the event had proved so worthwhile that it could well be held again.

As well as receiving positive feedback the overriding message to come out of it was ‘People want to know what to expect’, said the organisers.

Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors arranged the seminar and the display of stands which was held at the Grand Hotel in Hartlepool in conjunction with Victoria House Funeral Service.

Speakers were also there from organisations such as Blue House Woodland Burials and Hartlepool Bereavement Service, together with Pastor Dave Russon.

In addition to the speakers, there were a number of companies exhibiting.

Carolyn Tilly, who is the head of Tilly Bailey & Irvine’s wills and probate department, said in advance of the event that the conference would hopefully “take away some of the stress at an inevitably difficult time.”

Carolyn also gave a speech to the conference and spoke afterwards about the messages learned from the meeting.

She said: “It is clear that people do not want to be taken by surprise when a bereavement occurs.

“They want to know what to expect, and to understand what preparations can be made and what help is available.

“This was the first event of its kind and such was the response that we are now talking about similar presentations and exhibitions in the future. As people genuinely wish to have better access to the facts, we are happy to bring the relevant parties together.”

Apolena Wilson is from the Victoria House Funeral Service and was another one of the speakers on the day. She said: “Our audience was very open and very interested. An event like this opens the door and now people know who they can turn to for advice, and that they are welcome to come in and ask questions whenever suits them.”

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