Hartlepool entrepreneur helps keep computers safe

Keith Cronin
Keith Cronin

AN ENTREPRENEUR has achieved his dream of setting up his own company - and now he is chipping in with protecting people from their own computers.

Richard Keith Cronin, 60, first told the Hartlepool Mail last year of his plans to form his own business called Keep Clean Services, using his 24 years of expertise in the cleaning industry.

He has achieved his dream with Keep Clean growing well. Mr Cronin told Business Update: “In addition to contract cleaning, we added carpet and upholstery cleaning to our repertoire in June 2014 and became a member of NCCA in November 2014 after additional training.”

He said the company policy has always been to give customers 100 per cent service and satisfaction and he has gained more qualifications himself to “enhance the company profile.”

Mr Cronin added: “I’ve been interested in keeping people safe and healthy for most of my adult life, and recently I studied with the HYGIENICIT academy to learn how to clean PCs and peripherals against various human viruses left on keyboards, telephones and other items used in connection with computers.

“If you actually did a swab of your workstation, phone or whatever you would be amazed at how many harmful pathogens there are.

“This is especially important if the staff are eating their lunch at their desks.”

Mr Cronin said: “Having clean workstations also improves productivity as staff appreciate it when things are nice and clean.

“Besides keeping your staff well, the equipment benefits as well most computer breakdowns and loss of data is a direct result of dirty machines.”

Keep Clean also provides computer cleaning hygiene services for hospitals, nursing homes, dental practices, doctors surgeries, and schools and colleges, as well as food and beverage companies, local authorities and call centres.