Hartlepool has ‘vital role’ in nuclear future says power giant

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BUSINESS bosses have called for Hartlepool to have a new nuclear power station.

The North East Chamber of Commerce spoke out after a new nuclear site was confirmed at Hinckley Point in Somerset.

NECC infrastructure specialist, Mark Stephenson, said that would “ deliver valuable jobs and investment for North East businesses.”

But he said it was “important that Hinkley Point is followed by other new nuclear power stations including at Hartlepool.”

Hinkley Point C will be the first new nuclear station since Sizewell B, which started generating electricity in 1995.

A potential new Hartlepool nuclear power station would employ 450 highly-skilled people over 70 years with 3,000 staff in the construction stage.

A spokesman for EDF Energy, which owns Hartlepool power station, said: “Hartlepool has a vital role to play within EDF Energy as part of the existing fleet of generating stations and the plan is to look for future life extensions for the site, based on safety and economic factors.”

He said the town was “included in the government’s national policy statement as a suitable site for new build, but EDF Energy has consistently stated that Hinkley and Sizewell will be the first to be built as part of this programme.”