Hartlepool hotel set to expand by 38 bedrooms

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AN established hotel is to expand by 38-bedrooms after plans were approved by council chiefs.

Hartlepool Borough Council has rubber-stamped an application by hotel bosses to expand the Premier Inn hotel, in Maritime Avenue, Hartlepool.

The plans, which did not go before the planning committee, were agreed by planning officers under delegated powers as there were no objections.

As well as the 38-bedroom two-storey extension there will also be alterations to the car park and landscaping work.

The additional bedrooms will be built on the existing car park at the Marina-based hotel.

Planning papers submitted by Premier Inn say they have identified “a demand” for further hotel accommodation in Hartlepool.

A design and access statement said: “The extension to the hotel building is intended to replicate the existing building in terms of form, scale, material and detail, impacting on the existing car parking and servicing provision as little as possible.

“We understand that the original building was constructed in a style that was considered appropriate to its location on a prominent site on the Marina and we have sort to maintain that style and level of detailing in the proposed extension.”

It added: “The applicant has identified a demand for further hotel accommodation and therefore our objective is to increase the capacity of the hotel by another 38 bedrooms in order to cater for this proven demand.”

Both floors of the extension will have 19 bedrooms and internal escape stairwell.

The Premier Inn hotel is liked to the Old West Quay and the extension will be built on land next to the hotel, currently used for car parking.