Hartlepool MP pledges to support British business in new role

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.
Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.

Town MP Iain Wright says he will support British business on the world stage and help the nation’s youngsters to get the education they need to thrive after he was chosen to head a Parliamentary committee.

Mr Wright, who was re-elected to serve Hartlepool for the third time last month, has been named as the new chair of the House of Commons’ Business, Innovation and Skills select committee.

Mr Wright said he also wants the committee to do more to protect consumers but his responsibilities as town MP would come first.

He said: “It’s a huge honour to be elected as chairman of the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee.

“This is an important committee which scrutinises Government policies on business and skills. It’s a particular honour to be elected to the position by MPs from across the House of Commons.

“I want to see British-based businesses to be as competitive as possible, being innovative and selling goods and services around the world.

“In my parliamentary duties, Hartlepool always comes first”

Iain Wright

“I also want our skills system to be the best in the world, ensuring that young people are able to receive the education, training and qualifications they need to enjoy a successful career.

“The committee also looks at consumer issues, and I believe that at times the consumer in our country gets a raw deal. I think more can be done to ensure consumers are kept safe and receive value for money.”

Mr Wright was among around 30 select committee chairmen and chairwomen announced by speaker John Bercow.

He added: “However, in my parliamentary duties, Hartlepool always comes first. Immediately after being elected, I was in the House of Commons calling for a debate into the adequacy of social care, following the appalling report by the Care Quality Commission into Admiral Court care home in Hartlepool.

“My election to the Select Committee is a huge honour and a big challenge, but my first, second and third priorities as MP for Hartlepool will always remain the town.”