Hartlepool pubs join online network to beat bother and boost business

Steve Bell
Steve Bell

LANDLORDS across Hartlepool are being encouraged to sign up for a new website which it is hoped will boost the town’s licensed premises through an online community.

Hartlepool Licensees Association has started working with experts from the town-based Smooth Lines firm to create an online one-stop shop for anyone searching for information about the dozens of pubs and restaurants across the town.

So far The Fisherman’s Arms, Hillcarter, Rat Race and Marco Polo have signed up to the scheme, and it is hoped that other licensees will soon follow suit.

At a meeting of the HLA which was held in the Park Inn, licensees were shown a prototype of the page which, when completed, will allow them to update details on their individual businesses in an attempt to boost trade.

It could also allow them to share information with each other for incidents where people have been barred from any of the premises.

Darab Rezai, chairman of the HLA, said: “In the past we have all worked individually, but hopefully by working together we can all help each other.

“When this website is ready to go live, it will allow people to go onto it and click on any particular pub or restaurant.

“Each business will be able to update their own details, and to advertise any items which are newsworthy.”

Licensees across Hartlepool are being made aware of the planned website and will be encouraged to sign up.

Steve Bell, who runs the Fisherman’s Arms on the Headland, hopes other publicans will see the benefits and get on board.

Steve said: “It is a good idea, and I think it will be a success.

“We all have our own way of advertising offers or events such as through Facebook or Twitter, and this website will be another outlet for us once it is operational.

“It has been a difficult few years for all of us in the licensed trade for one reason or another, and anything which will help us boost our businesses has to be welcomed.”

Any landlords interested in getting involved on the website can contact Mark Coates at the Hillcarter on (01429) 855800.