Hartlepool reacts to Costa Coffee invasion as firm confirms three new branches


Hartlepool folk has been having their say on news the town is set to get three new Costa Coffee branches.

The story has been the most talked about issue on our site today.

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Anne Young said: "Just what we need!"

Jay Smith said: "They will bring jobs in guess and get the town moving upwards!"

Rachael Budd said: "So looking forward to Costa opening, hope it is open before nine so I get my morning dose of coffee before I start work."

Lindsay J Murphy said: "Ooo nice at least there will be dairy-free versions! All the little coffee shops don't accommodate for that."

Susanne Crinson said: "I know the opinions about the sheer availability of food are decided. But as of yet we we're missing great coffee in the town centre.

"Sick of McD's throwaway culture , Esquire often very cold and draughty ( especially in winter and you just want somewhere with warmth and great coffee).

It might lift the profile of the town centre a little bit."

However, some readers were less sure the news was such a positive thing for Hartlepool.

Hartlepool - Positive People in a Positive Town said; "GREAT for jobs .. TERRIBLE for local coffee shops ..."

Alan Juillerat said: "O no not a nover café we have lots of café's and restaurants in the town lol."

Louise 'Beach' Austwicke said: "I'm all for bringing jobs to the town but is the town really big enough for three Costa Coffee, five/six Greggs, three McDonald's but it's NOT big enough for a hospital???"

Dave Ryan said: "Another shop that we don't need or want."

Amanda Spowart said: "Might bring jobs but there won't be no shops for people to go to."

Jonny Gallagher said: "Sometimes I think people care more about the brand than the coffee."

Lesley Barton said: "Won't last long the place is a ghost town need some decent shops to get people in."

Mark Topping said: "It's cheaper to buy a pint in King John's than a coffee of this lot."

Alex Muller-Nicholson said: "If you build it (H&M), they will come."