Hartlepool woman Sara enjoys business success in Canada

It's been a hugely successful year for former Hartlepool woman Sara  Weelwright.
It's been a hugely successful year for former Hartlepool woman Sara Weelwright.

A former Hartlepool resident has picked up more awards in her new life as an entrepreneur in Canada.

It’s been an amazing year for Sara Weelwright who owns and runs the flourishing business S&E Trusted Online Directories Inc, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Her firm is a directory of other businesses, which can only be registered with S&E if they are proven to be trustworthy.

Sara lived in Hartlepool until 2000 and then moved to Newcastle.

She was formerly in sales until she left the UK and moved to Canada in 2006.

After first moving into advertising, she then set up her own firm, and has now won a string of titles in the last 12 months.

They include the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce SABEX marketing award, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce ABEX award for marketing, and two International STEVIE Awards, which were collected in New York.

Sara said: “It’s been a wonderful year. My company has been recognised, and was the recipient of several local, provincial and international business and marketing awards.

“We have clients from all over Canada and beyond.”

Her latest honours included two presented in New York for women entrepreneurs.

One was given to Sara for being the Canadian Female Entrepreneur of the Year and the second was to honour her excellence as a PR, advertising or marketing company with less than 10 employees in North America.

Sara said: “Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan is still booming and opportunities are available for anyone willing to work hard.”