Hartlepool woman swaps bakery for Benidorm with new wig venture in Spain

Former Hartlepool shopkeeper Lynn McDearmid has turned her hand to a new line of work in Benidorm.

Lynn, who ran a bakery in Raby Road, is now selling wigs to cancer and alopecia sufferers after moving to the popular holiday destination six years ago with sons Kristopher and Callum.

I like to help people. I cry some days, but I’m really happy too when customers come back and have funny stories, or even better, have recovered

Lynn McDearmid

Now, she is set to feature on a BBC Tees radio show called Costa Del Tees presented by Paul ‘Goffy’ Gough.

He said: “It is amazing the number of people from Hartlepool that I have met over in Benidorm whilst compiling the show.”

Lynn was put in touch with an elderly woman who ran a wig shop. She took on the business herself and said: “It was only a small business back then, but because I could speak Spanish I was able to spread the word.”

Lynn said: “It is very rewarding. Young girls might come into the shop with alopecia and have no self-confidence, but a wig can give them that back.”

Wigs R Us is based in Benidorm’s indoor market and also attracts a different kind of clientele.

“It is really hot here for people on holiday and sometimes they cannot be bothered doing their hair for the evening. So they buy a wig and all they have to do is put it on,” said Lynn.

Goffy will be joined on the show by Middlesbrough-born comedian Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown and Peterlee based comedienne and TV actress Crissy Rock. He also spends the day on the set of ITV’s Benidorm with actor Tim Healy.

Costa Del Tees will be aired on BBC Tees on Bank Holiday Monday between 4pm and 6 pm.