Having a new adventure with Hartlepool company

RAPIDS: Paul Gough (front) rafting with staff and customers
RAPIDS: Paul Gough (front) rafting with staff and customers

A physiotherapy business has launched a new venture to reward customer loyalty and staff dedication.

Paul Gough Physio Rooms, based in Raby Road, in Hartlepool, is planning outdoor adventure days for staff and customers aimed at promoting health and fitness.

Company owner Paul Gough, 31, explained how it started.

“As a thank you to the staff for their hard work and dedication, we decided to take them away on an adventure weekend where we did stuff like tubing and cliff jumping into the River Tees at High Force.

“We wanted to continue to promote the importance of health and fitness but also combine it with a lot of fun.”

Paul said the event was already “having a big impact” and added: “We have teamed up with a company called Outdoor Ambition Ltd who are a Darlington based firm to run these sorts of days and offer the outdoor adventure trips to the huge client base that we’ve built up from all across the North East over the years”.

The first adventure day involved snow holing and mountaineering.

Ten of Paul’s staff as well as 25 patients and some of their friends and family, were due to take part.

Paul added: “It is a really nice way of meeting new people and introducing them to the staff and the business”.

The physiotherapy business looks after the health and wellbeing of a number of North-East firms from Housing Hartlepool, ASDA and Coast and Country of North Yorkshire.

Paul said: “These sorts of days are very physical and very fun, the best kind of exercise that there is where you forget that your actually exercising.”

Due to the popularity and interest, the physiotherapy company which also has physio clinics in Darlington, Durham and Guisborough is planning to take the adventure days outside of the UK.

Paul said: “I’m heading to Morocco on the first weekend of March with the owner of Outdoor Ambition Ltd to look at a location for a six-day trip where we camp out, climb the Atlas mountains and add in lots of fitness based activities.

“We’ve got further trips planned in the North East that will make use of the great outdoors we’ve got and the trips will always include some, if not all, of my staff as they are the ones who the patients have become familiar and comfortable with.

“It is my way of thanking them for the great service culture that they’ve created in the clinics.

“Economic conditions here in the North-East aren’t great but there are still a lot of customers who appreciate great service and will remain loyal.

“It’s up to the business owners to come up with something that bit different to make the customers and staff stick with them through the difficult times.”