House of Commons officials give strong message for North East’s renewable energy sector

George Rafferty, Alex Cunningham MP and Andrew Hodgson at the House of Commons reception
George Rafferty, Alex Cunningham MP and Andrew Hodgson at the House of Commons reception

HOUSE of Commons officials have been given a strong message from the North East’s renewable energy sector - that it’s ready play an important role in the UK’s future.

Delegates from the region headed to London to put the region’s credentials on display - and this is an area in which Hartlepool is striving to play an important role.

The campaign group Energi Coast led the trip, in conjunction with NOF Energy, Subsea North East and the North East Local Enterprise Partnership.

The event was sponsored by Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham. He joined fellow delegates for a meeting with Commons officials which was held on the Terrace Pavilion at the Palace of Westminster. They discussed the challenges facing the offshore renewables sector and the role the North East supply chain can play in its future.

Energi Coast, aims to raise awareness of the supply chain that operates out of the region. Campaigners told Commons officials that the region has the skills, innovation and technology to support offshore renewables developments in both domestic and international waters.

Energi Coast deputy chair Joanne Leng said the region has “an important role to play in the development on the energy mix. It has an excellent reputation in oil and gas and this is being continued in emerging sectors such as offshore wind.”

Mr Cunningham said: “I was delighted to sponsor the reception. The offshore sector contributes significantly to the North East’s economy and brings training, investment and well-paid, highly skilled jobs to the region. It is very important that awareness of the region’s capabilities is raised.”

NOG Energy chief executive George Rafferty said: “NOF Energy supports Subsea North East and Energi Coast as the offshore renewables and subsea oil and gas sector supply chains provide significant contributions to the economy.

“North East companies that operate across both sectors are essential parts of this region’s economic development and can be invaluable to the development of offshore renewable projects.”

Subsea North East chairman Andrew Hodgson said: “This was the perfect event to demonstrate the importance of the offshore renewables and subsea sector to the North East.”