How to win big in sales

A breakfast seminar will discuss how firms in the Hartlepool area can win big sales.

The latest monthly Hartlepool Business Breakfast will be held at Hub 1 in the Innovation Centre in the Queens Meadow Business Park.

The 90-minute seminar starts at 7.30am on Thursday, December 6, and the guest speaker will be Peter Sayles, the sales director with Hartlepool firm JDR Cables.

The meeting will discuss how big companies need smaller firms as part of their supply chain.

It will also discuss ways in which the smaller firms can clinch orders to supply their bigger counterparts.

Guest speaker Mr Sayles represents JDR Cables which recently announced a 75 per cent increase in turnover and has clinched a deal with the Champion oilfield in Brunei.

A Business Breakfast spokesman said: “We welcome Peter to chat about JDR Cables’ recent successes and services the company wishes to sub contract.”

For more information, contact Samantha Lee at Twitter @samlee100 or email