How you can make a huge difference by disposing of Christmas waste responsibly

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Householders were urged to think carefully over how they dispose of their waste during the holidays.

Between Christmas and New Year, the UK generates around 30 per cent more waste than during the rest of the year.

Mark Penny, Commercial Manager at Hartlepool-based J&B Recycling, said: “We all generate more waste than normal at this time of year, with food, packaging, cards and the Christmas tree all being thrown out.

“Obviously an artificial Christmas tree dramatically reduces waste, but for those who buy real trees then they can either be taken to a household waste centre where they will be recycled into compost, or some local authorities may provide may provide a bulky waste if contacted.

“A lot of waste is also generated through cards and wrapping paper. Cards can go in the kerbside collection, and the supermarkets also offer recycling facilities over the Christmas and New Year period.

“Some wrapping paper can be recycled, though foil and plastic wrapping paper cannot and should not be placed into the recycling bin.

He added: “The final message would be concerning food waste, and that can be reduced by smarter shopping. We always tend to buy too much at this time of year, but by planning meals we can cut down on wastage.

“All leftover food must go into the general waste or dedicated food waste container where provided and not the recycling bin.

“This is a good time of year to look at how much of an impact we can all have on getting recycling right – and the cost of getting it wrong.”