James is sparking a brighter home future

James Pailor with the unit. Picture by FRANK REID
James Pailor with the unit. Picture by FRANK REID

AN electrical contractor is branching out into a new market to help Hartlepool people move into a greener future.

James Pailor, 26, has been running J Pailor Electrical for around 18 months as a domestic, commercial and electronic supplier.

His company, which employs one apprentice as well as James, works on inspections, testing and electronic installations.

But James is now branching out into the world of energy saving devices in the voltage optimisation market.

And he thinks there could be a big future for his company, as well as a chance for customers to save on bills.

It’s all to do with changes in the voltage levels used in homes. James explained: “About 10 years ago, the EU introduced a rule saying any appliance had to run at 220 volts. Other countries are running at a stable 220 volts but people in this country run at between 220 and 252 volts.

“When you are running at 252, that is an extra 30 volts coming into your property every second of every day that you are not using.

“We stabilise it at 220 and your energy costs and carbon emissions are lowered.”

Another benefit, said James, was that lower voltage means the lifespan of any equipment a home uses should be extended.

The new system works through a little box with a transformer which James and his team install in a house.

Similar devices are being installed in new homes but James sees his market as existing homes.

“If people want to save energy or live a lower carbon emission lifestyle they can do it without spending thousands of pounds.”

James, who lives with his girlfriend Christie McCann, 25, a care support worker in Hartlepool, said: “We are testing this out in Hartlepool but if it works we would like to go across the North-East.”