James launches a very PT business

James Verrall working on his computer.
James Verrall working on his computer.

THE battle to get people fit is being waged online by James Verrall.

The 27-year-old from Hartlepool is taking a different tack on the town’s health regime.

He has launched a website called RatemyPT, based in York Road. It is a directory of personal trainers, and how good the service is that they offer.

It has been running since January and James said: “It is for clients and customers to find a personal trainer. The idea is that they use them and rate them on their service.”

His inspiration for the site came from his brother Matthew who used to be a personal trainer in the Armed Forces.

James, the co-founder of the website, said: “People were asking him for tips in the gym. People were telling him that they’d had trainers who did not really know what they were doing. I thought ‘why not start a website’.”

James, who was formerly a student at Brierton School in Hartlepool, has a background in civil engineering. He designed the website with the help of a company called Garthy’s World which is also based in York Road.

He added: “Together we’ve designed a website which is where personal trainers from across the North-East can sign up. Then customers can find them, use them and rate them on how good they are. It’s a 5 star rating system and they can leave comments for other clients to see.

“We’re climbing our way up Google and has received over 2000 views in our first two weeks of going live.”